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Bart D. Frescura


Bart D. Frescura, 

has been obsessed with film and film making, since he was a child. His introduction to late night monster movies sparked his fascination with monsters, make-up and the macabre. Fascination turned obsession. This can be seen in the variety of mediums in which he works (photography, painting, sculpture,

 illustration and mask making). With a cinematic perspective and hungry eye his works have a film noir quality; creating strange characters and creatures and documenting lost stories. His Unique vision marries classic Universal monster movies, make-up , Halloween masks, art history, pop culture,and strange artifacts.

His work also explores more complex themes such as mental health, body image and physical maladies.

Frescura’s art has been exhibited throughout the East Bay Area and North Bay, LA, Pittsburgh, Arizona, and Orlando. 

He also has worked behind the scenes in make-up, costume, and illustration for local filmmakers . He lives and works in the East Bay . 

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